Nawaz calls for settlement of Kashmir dispute

PM UNPM condemns all forms of terrorism at UNGA

UNITED NATIONS: Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz  Sharif Friday made an emphatic call for resolution of Jammu  and Kashmir conflict as imperative for peace, security and  economic uplift of South Asians, saying the region must proceed with more “dialogue and diplomacy” following missed opportunities including cancellation of last  month’s Pakistan-India talks.
In a wide-ranging address to the 69th UN General Assembly, applauded for its depth, the prime minister laid out Pakistan’s vision for peaceful relations in the region. In this respect, he also stressed to the 193-member world body that Afghanistan – currently passing through political and security transitions – should become a “pivot of strategic cooperation, rather than of rivalry.”
Prime Minister Sharif also underscored Pakistan’s commitment to highest standard of nuclear safety and said the country is following a policy of reliable deterrence but cannot be oblivious to the “emerging security scenarios and buildup of armaments.”
Nawaz Sharif said, is striving to overcome challenges of terrorism – which he condemned in all its forms and manifestations – and sketched out some of the economic and energy policies his government is pursuing for welfare of its people. that regional peace and security, political stability in the country, the rule of law and social justice are absolutely crucial for the realization of these goals. Above all, we will continue to work for the promotion and protection of human rights.”
With regard to challenges in the form of extreme weather patterns harming economies, he said: Pakistan has directly experienced such a calamity only recently. The monsoon floods in Pakistan have killed hundreds of people, displaced millions, destroyed and damaged homes, livelihoods, infrastructure, cattle and crops. “We are mobilizing all our resources and ingenuity to provide relief and to ensure recovery.”
“The international community should intensify its efforts to move from awareness to commitments to actions on climate change, which is playing havoc with the economies, particularly in the developing countries.” Speaking in regional secur-ity context, Pakistan aspires to build a peaceful neighb orhood by pursuing a pol-icy of constructive engage-ment, he said. Agencies
“We have determined

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