Nawaz accuses protesting parties of inciting people to mutiny

PM in NAISLAMABAD, Sept. 19 (DNA): Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, on Friday accused two protesting parties of “inciting people to opt for munity” but made it clear that few thousands people would never succeed in their “sinister designs” to derail the system.

Imran Khan of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf and Pakistan Awami Tehrik of religious leader, Tahir-ul- Qadri, have camped their several thousand people in Islamabad for five weeks and are demanding resignation of the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister told the parliament that the protesters have damaged the image of Pakistan in the world and also caused huge economic losses in the country.

The joint session of the parliament also adopted a resolution, condemning the anti-gov’t protests and vowed to protect the parliament and democracy.

The parliament was called to exclusively discuss the protests that have disrupted normal life in the country.

The Prime Minister once again rejected calls for his resignation and said he would never surrender to any pressure and blackmailing of few thousand people.  He told the lawmakers that people have rejected those elements, who are spreading anarchy in the country.

Nawaz Sharif said the protests have badly affected economic activities, devalued the currency, exports have been decreased and foreign heads have postponed visits. He said the country has suffered losses of around 600 billion rupees due to the protests.

He rejected the allegations of fraud in the last year’s parliamentary elections and said that the elections were the most transparent in the country’s history.

“No evidence regarding rigging in the polls could so far been presented by the leaders of sit-ins,” the Prime Minister, adding that he has already requested the country’s top court to investigate the alleged rigging in the elections. He said that the most of the international observers described the general elections of May 11, 2013 as free, fair and transparent.

He thanked other opposition parties and the parliament for foiling the designs of those elements, who want to create disturbance in the country.

He termed the parliament’s current role as a historical one. He added that protestors stormed the parliament, the state TV building, the Supreme Court and other key state buildings. He said the government can easily disperse the protesters but avoided use of force in view of the presence of the women and children in the protests.

Nawaz Sharif accused Imran Khan and Qadri of using “women and children” as human shields in attacks on state buildings. DNA

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