Nation clamors for change

August 31, 2018

The great advantage Prime Minster Imran Khan brings to Pakistani politics is the absence of dynasty. He is not the scion of a political family. In a region awash with hereditary rulers and nepotism, he does represent change. Oxford educated, familiar with Western way of thinking and respectful of Eastern traditions, Imran Khan is truly a rare breed of a politician whose message transcends borders. A self confessed pacifist and a pragmatist he boldly ventures into the heart of danger taking on the established despotic corruption in Pakistan. As a vocal critic of his country’s corrupt political system, he is widely regarded as a “clean” politician who could transform a decrepit system. Pakistan is plagued with rising unemployment, acute energy shortages, currency devaluation, a crumbling health and education system, growing inflation and foreign debt, with much of the blame being leveled, and justifiably so, on the incompetent and credibility-deficient PML-N government. This country never had a sincere leadership. The leaders always acted selfishly and could not establish a clear purpose. The nation clamors for change and the much-needed respite from the unceasing bloodshed and socio-economic adversities, the current political chessboard remains loaded with promise from Imran Khan. Imran Khan is a ray of hope that can unleash the true potential of Pakistan. Imran Khan is the answer for Pakistan problems.

People have given nod to Imran Khan and his party in the recently concluded general elections. Now is the time to deliver. Not denying the fact that incumbent government has numerious challenges ahead, but at the same time these challenges give an opportunity to government to prove the mettle to deal with these challenges. It is hoped that new government will fulfill its pledges to make ‘New Pakistan’ by transforming it into a welfare state. Imran Khan has rightly directed to members of his cabinet to utilize all their potentials in order to bring positive results. It is also a positive development that evaluation of performances of ministers would be conducted on regular basis. Redressing grievances of masses must be a matter of urgency and revolutionary steps must be taken to bring positive changes in the country.

Imran Khan is a ray of hope that can unleash the true potential of Pakistan.

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