NADRA dismisses allegations of data leakage

June 19, 2018

ISLAMABAD: Officials of National Database Regulatory Authority (NADRA) overtly dismissed allegations of data leakage while terming them reckless in a presser here in the federal capital on Tuesday.

“Data of even a single citizen had not been shared from any platform. We are not here to reject or verify statements [of political leaders] pertaining to leakage of data. The email [shared by the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf] has nothing to do with the issue. Not even a single official will voluntarily relinquish”, claimed NADRA officials.

NADRA director general Zulfiqar Ali apprised attendants that the former official Syed Muzaffar—who was removed from his post over corruption charges—had hurled allegations whereas one-year-old video was aired on a news channel.

He further added that apex court had extolled NADRA’s steps in dual nationality case and same was done again by the country’s top court over NADRA’s actions in overseas voting issue. “We have given explanation to Election Commission of Pakistan [ECP] over allegations of data leakage”, he asserted.

Earlier, the PTI alleged that NADRA’s Chairman Usman Mobin had provided valuable data to the PML-N to help the party win elections.

The party said Mobin was appointed NADRA’s chairman by the PML-N and fair and free elections could not be held in his presence.

The PTI has approached the ECP over alleged data leak and a petition against NADRA Chairman would be submitted to seek his removal. NNI