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NAB has destroyed the country, given nothing but shame: Justice Gulzar

KARACHI: Supreme Court of Pakistan’s Justice Gulzar Ahmed on Wednesday came down hard on the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) while giving remarks during hearing of a corruption case at the apex court’s Karachi registry.

Justice Gulzar Ahmed said the accountability bureau has turned the country into a spectacle, adding that NAB has only given the country reasons to be ashamed, nothing else.

While hearing the case of Jet Fuel being sold in the open market and the corruption of over Rs2,370 million, Justice Gulzar Ahmed expressed extreme displeasure towards NAB prosecutor Munsif Arab Advocate and the investigation officer for not being able to complete their inquiry.

Justice Gulzar remarked that they were bound to complete their inquiry in 14 days and finalize the case within one month, before adding that one year had passed but NAB was unable to complete their inquiry.

Addressing the NAB investigation officer, Justice Gulzar remarked what the matter was and whether he was taking bribes for the delay, to which the officer responded that he was doing his work honestly. Justice Gulzar remarked that he had already gauged the officer’s honesty. The bench then summoned the final report against the accused to be submitted today.

Justice Gulzar remarked that NAB officials were not allowed to sleep. If they had put their hands on a case then they should take the matter to the end. He added that they were destroying the foundations of the country.

“If this is what you want to hear; then listen, you have turned the country into a spectacle. NAB has destroyed the country. It hasn’t given anything except reasons to be ashamed.”


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