NA120: A nightmare for JI

Irrespective of who has put it forth , the idea can’t be simply sidestepped or overruled that Jamat Islami is clinically dead. Gone are the days when it had some say in politics and gone are the days when political intellectual narrative was emerged from among the cadres of JI’s intellectual elite. What we are witnessing now is an altogether new phenomenon. Need not to mention is the fact that Lahore generally is considered a stronghold of JI. Not only that its headquarter , Mansoora, is there , Punjab university also situates in Lahore with a strong wing of Islami Jamiat Talaba to literally support Jamat e Islami. Its ever green Secretary General also resides in Lahore and it is no secret how much power this Lahori group enjoys within the Jamat e Islami.

Despite these all factors the result is shocking for JI in NA 120. It is evident that only the masses but even JI workers didnt vote for JI. There can be many reasons for this abject performance but one is for sure I.e., bucreacy of lahori group. This is sharp time that JI come hard on this group and dismantle it. JI shouldn’t be kept hostage to whims of any certain group. Saliheen must understand that this is too much now. If the sons of this Lahori bureaucracy opt to contest election on PTI or PMLN symbols , the fate of much crowed ISLAMIC REVOILUTION is evident. We don’t need an Ian Stein to explain it to us. The JI’s worker has said it all in this election: we are tired of this JI’s Lahori bureaucracy, get rid of it, the sooner the better, otherwise rest assure we are not short of options.

Now the ball is in Siraj ul Haq’s court.

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