NA-122: Blame game

Deadline given by Election Commission of Pakistan for election campaign in NA-122 has ended as contesting parties pushed hard to convince voters to vote in their favour.

During the final stage of election campaign both major contesting parties Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) showed political strength in two different venues of Lahore on Friday. It was the last day for election campaign for by-polls in NA-122 of Lahore.

Leaders of both political parties should have convinced voters in a dignified manner, but as we have a bad tradition in our political culture, both parties indulged in blame game. It’s a bad trend in our politics which must be discouraged. During election campaign, political leaders should target policies of a party and not personal attacks on reputation of each others. This trend needs to be curbed.

PMLN has initiated a massive campaign on media, particularly on electronic media against Chairman of PTI. PTI termed this act of PMLN to influence the election process which is against the code of conduct issued by ECP. PTI spokesperson Shirin Mazari on Friday asked ECP to take strict notice of release of advertisements by the ruling Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN) two days before NA-122 by-election. She said the flooding of the electronic media by the Punjab government ads is clearly a crude attempt to influence the election process. Contributing in series of blames, Federal Minister Pervaiz Rashid termed Imran Khan a traitor who used Jewish and Indian lobbies’ funds to attack Parliament and his policies are anti-Pakistan.

On the other side, leader of PTI Imran Khan is also attacking directly to leader of PMLN and incumbent Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for looting the money and promoting his own business empire. We have witnessed after beating the drum of 35 punctures for many months, Imran termed it a fiction.

Leaders of contesting parties should convince voters by presenting their policies and should not promote culture of blame game.




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