Muslim Ummah must unite on Kashmir issue: S.K. Niazi

February 19, 2020

Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan must push to get maximum support from Muslim Umamh to put pressure on India in order to find peaceful resolution of Kashmir issue as per the resolutions of United Nations Security Council.

This was stated by Editor in Chief Pakistan Group of Newspapers and Chairman Roze News Sardar Khan Niazi on Tuesday in his renowned talk show of Roze News ‘Sachi Baat’ he said that Muslim Ummah must be united to deal with the issues of Muslim countries, he was of the view that if Muslims are united then most of issues of Muslim countries can be resolved easily. He said that Indian brutality in occupied Kashmir has been exposed infront of rest of the world and now world powers must play their role in order to find peaceful solution of Kashmir issue.

He further said that opening Kartarpur Corridor is a gesture of hospitality and goodwill by Pakistan, but sadly same goodwill is not being reciprocated from India. While talking about ATFT, he said that if Pakistan is excluded from grey list, it will bring positive impact on the economy. He said that Pakistan has hosted Afghan refugees for decades and world must laud this hospitality as hosting millions of refugees for decades for a country like Pakistan was never easy, but despite difficult economic conditions Pakistan hosted Afghan refugees for years.

Former Foreign Secretary while taking in the show said that Secretary General of United Nations enjoys limited powers and until two conflicting countries are not agreed to for mediation, UN Secretary General is unable to play any significant role. He said that there is no second opinion that Indian authorities under Modi are torturing innocent people of held Kashmir, he said that Pakistan needs to formulate a comprehensive policy to further highlight human rights violations in occupied Kashmir.

Former Health Minister Saira Afzal Tarrar while talking in the show said that providing health cards is not the solution, government needs to provide better health care facilities to everyone. She further emphasized that controlling populations growth is also need of time as it becomes hard for authorities to provide health care facilities to masses with such rapid population growth. 

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