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Muslim Institute holds seminar ‘Islam & West: Emerging Challenges & Way Forward’

ISLAMABAD (PR): Speakers highlighted the changing geo-political environment in past two decades, especially in the West, by some who claim to act in the name of all 1.6 billion Muslims have tarnished the image of Islam in the West during a seminar held by Muslim Institute under title “Islam & West: Emerging Challenges & Way Forward”.

The speakers said that changing geo-political environment has given rise to views that Islam and West are ‘incompatible’ and that Muslims cannot integrate into the Western societies. However, this view and image ignores the long and shared history between the Islamic and Western cultures that has been collaborative, peaceful and productive. It ignores the contribution of Islam towards the existing knowledge of the world today. About the transfer of knowledge and heritage of Islam to the West, French historian Robert Briffault endorses in his book ‘The Making of Humanity’.

Speakers emphasised that the most dramatic turn by Trump admin that they wanted to ban all the Muslims travelling to US is completely unprecedented in the whole American political history. It is very troubling as it indicates a huge anti-Muslim bias by Trump team. The team’s linking Islam with terrorism is also very troubling even among republicans. Any terrorist attack in the wake of such mistrust can create havoc in the world. Extremists in different part of the world can easily exploit such policies. Trump administration’s policies and repercussions while analysing its impact over Muslim world. They said that the administration is concerned over US becoming more energy dependent and Middle East stands to be the biggest supply line. Trump is actually a businessman and he has no conviction but forces behind him are real thread.

The speakers included Ambassador of Italy to Pakistan H.E. Mr. Stefano Pontecorvo, Ambassador of Portugal to Pakistan H.E. Mr. Jao Paulo Sabido Costa, President Just International Malaysia Dr. Chandra Muzafar (Via Video Link) Vice President, Center for Intl Peace & Stability, USA, Mr. Paul Salem (Via Video Link), VC Air University Air Vice Marshal ( R) Faaiz Amir, former senator & senior diplomat Mr. Akram Zaki, Chairman Muslim Institute Sahibzada Sultan Ahmad Ali, Dr. Bakara Najimdeen (CIPS) NUST and former President NDU Lt.Gen (R ) Saeed Uz Zafar.


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