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Murder of a single person: Murder of entire humanity

Mufti Azam Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bin Abdullah delivered Hajj sermon on Friday in Masjid-e-Nimra at Mount Arafat and said that murder is a great sin and ‘haram’ in Islam.

He also urged the Muslims to shun evil, practice unity and teachings of Islam. “Islam is a complete code of life, it’s a perfect and definite religion of Allah, it teaches brotherhood among Muslims and provides spiritual, moral and social training. He also urged Muslims to keep away from heinous crimes like murder, violence and other evil deeds.

“The murder is great fitna (mischief) in Islam. Islam prohibits obscenity as haram and sin, murder of a single person is the murder of entire humanity, and the one who committed this act unduly shall burn in the hell forever.” He urged the Muslim rulers to discharge their duties honestly and said that they should not forget that they are answerable in front of Allah. The Mufti said un-Islamic forces are hatching conspiracies against Islam and Muslim countries. He urged Muslims to observe patience in their lives in testing times, protect each other’s lives and properties and work together for the success and prosperity of Muslim societies.

The sermon highlighted major issues Muslim countries are facing in today’s world, despite being the second largest population in the world based on almost 57 Muslim countries in the world, some of them the richest in the world, Muslims are facing brutalities by internal and external elements. The Hajj sermon from is appreciable however; we will have to see that who taught the lessons of oppression and brutality and who is the source of all this terrorism. International terrorist have made the lives of Muslims and other human beings miserable, Muslims are killing Muslims, after taking benefits and gains from the those called Mujahideen, the same are declared as terrorists, and Muslim countries are being attacked under the garb of fighting terrorism. Yemen, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Miyanmar, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Pakistan are special targets. The Hajj sermon from the Mufti e Azam of Saudi Arabia is appreciable within its own words however; we will have to see that who taught the lessons of oppression and brutality and who is the source of all this terrorism.

In Muslim countries, Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan Muslims are fighting with fellow Muslims to gain the political goals, people in thousands were killed and extremism was on its peak as the pictures and videos of beheading and mass killings are floating on the internet, portraying the false picture of Islam which has nothing to do with the religion of peace and brotherhood. From last couple of years Syria is in fighting a war and hundred of thousand have been killed, people in huge numbers have migrated to other parts of the region, even the neghbouring countries like Jordan and Lebanon feeling the threats of the extremism. International War against terrorism has weakened the Al-Qaeda but a new extremely violent terrorist group ISIL threatening the peace of the world. It is an irony that Islam is being defamed by the heinous crimes of terrorists in the Muslim countries.

If the Muslims would keep fighting amongst each others than anti-Islam forces would keep exploiting the few groups of terrorists in Islamic world to gain hidden agendas. If Muslims would not be united then a country of few thousands like Israel would keep killing the Muslims of Palestine and rest of the Islamic world would be a mere spectator. It is the time to spread the message of brotherhood and peace, killing of any innocent person is condemned in the religion but what about the animals in shape of humans killing the fellow Muslims. It is the obligation of the clerics to spread the true message of Islam, which is peace. Muslim countries should also take serious actions to make OIC a powerful organization which could solve the issues faced by the Muslims of the worlds. After many decades of its establishment OIC could not play the role it was formed for, it is the need of the hour to give a powerful umbrella to the Muslims of the world. Leaders of Muslim world should play their duties efficiently in line with Islamic teachings and spend all the resources on the welfare of their nations. Islam preaches peace and abhors terrorism. Islam is against all sorts of terrorism and teaches to spread the word of peace in the universe, but need is to strictly follow the teachings of Islam. Islam does not allow terrorism at any cost. Islam condemns all violence and terrorism plaguing the world today. Muslims should demonstrate a love for peace and unity. Muslims are facing problems today because they have forgotten the true path. Success of Muslims lies in the unity and they must end their ethnic, regional, and sectarianism differences.

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