Multiple challenges and looming danger

A 100 meter breach was created at Athara Hazari bund on Wednesday morning to save Jhang city and Trimmu headwork from flood devastation. Giving latest flood situation position in the Parliament on Wednesday, the water and power minister said presently water level at Trimmu is 562,000 cusecs while its discharge capacity is 645,000 cusecs. According to reports the peak of flood would be 750,000 cusecs by Wednesday night and there would be need to further widen the breach in Athara Hazari bund to 300 meters to release the pressure of water. The minister conceded that the break would bring substantial area under flood but this is necessary to avoid major devastation. He said a natural breach took place in Jhang protective bund that diverted water towards the city and efforts are being made to fill it. A massive area of 88,895 acres has come under water in Jhang district causing losses to cotton, rice and sugar cane crops. Jhang has been cut off with Faisalabad, Bhakkar, Layyah and Multan. The devastation caused by the floods could have been avoided had the previous or sitting rulers taken concrete measure in this regard. Now masses are again bearing the brunt of calamity with a hope that government would come out for their safety and help them rebuilding their houses and compensate the affectees at the earliest.

Pakistan is facing all sorts of problems at various fronts. The armed forces are busy in flushing out the terrorists from North Waziristan Agency and also assisting the government to deal with the post-flood situation. Rescue and relief activities are on to save the lives of people accordingly. The political arena also keep representing chaotic scenario as both the protesting parties have geared up efforts to oust the rulers. So far no significant development has been witnessed. The 13th round of talks between the government and Pakistan Tehrik Insaf failed to end deadlock. The government is claiming that it has accepted the five demands of the PTI but would no accept the six demand i.e. resignation of the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Dar has ruled out any possibility of holding talks on the very issue under any circumstances, The PTI leader Shah Mehmood Qureshi complaining that the rulers and ministers are making situation worst by delivering inflammatory speeches in and outside the Parliament. While the protesting parties’ leadership is also being blamed by the government for passing insulting remarks and delivering provocative speeches. PML-N leader Kh Saad told the apex court Wednesday that PTI. PAT sit-ins on Constitution Avenue has violated Articles 4 and 5 of the Constitution arguing that though the Constitution allowed freedom of expression, the protests carried out by the PTI and PAT were also in violation of Article 19 of the Constitution.

He was seeking judiciary help by saying that judges had taken an oath to protect the Constitution and it was their responsibility to do the same. The government has requested the court to resolve the political crisis under Article 184(3) of the Constitution

Some parliamentary leaders have suggested the government that it should adopt a strict stance to end the sit-ins. They said these people abuse parliament daily while sitting outside the elected house and questioned under what law their workers were checking vehicles and people by setting up check posts. While other parliamentary parties are asking the government to continue the dialogue process and should not make any move that might lead to dangerous situation. Now the protesting parties appeared to be losing patience which is evident from the speeches being delivered particularly by the PAT chief Dr Tahirul Qadri.

The anti state elements are taking full advantage of the political impasse coupled with devastating floods which have inflicted huge loses to country’s economy besides killing hundreds of people. Due to the commitment and strict vigil on the part of our armed forces, the terrorists’ attacks were successfully foiled on Sumangli airbase in Quetta on 14th August and Naval Dockyard in Karachi on 6th September respectively

Terrorists are bent upon challenging the writ of state, killing innocent people as well targeting security forces to please their “Masters”. The armed forces timely actions have foiled their bids to destroy country’s strategic assets. The revelation made by the

Defence Minister Khawaja Asif that there was a strong possibility that Taliban militant who attacked the naval dockyard at the weekend had inside help. This is very alarming situation as it poses direct threats to the country’s integrity and solidarity. The situation calls for reappraisal of the situation and a solid commitment to complete Quaid-e- Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s mission of consolidating Pakistan and ensuring its stability.



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