Multan jail inmate attempts suicide, demands meeting with lover

MultanMULTAN:  A death row inmate climbed up the water tank of Multan District Jail and tried to commit suicide after failing to meet his girlfriend, reported on Friday.

The prisoner identified as Gulam Muhammad from Balochistan staged a three-hour long protest along with a noose made of bed sheet around his neck, and demanded to meet his girlfriend Najba who is imprisoned at the women jail in Multan.

Meanwhile, DCO Multan Zahid directed the jail administration to arrange a meeting between the two lovers.

Later, authorities brought Najba to the district jail and asked the adamant lover to come down to meet his girlfriend.

Ghulam Muhammad insisted that he would meet Najba on the water tank but jail administration refused to fulfill this demand, after which the inmate jumped and tried to hang himself.

Taking swift action, rescue officials present at the scene climbed up the ladder and saved the prisoner.

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