MQM, PTI come face to face

Tense situation was witnessed in Karachi on Tuesday when PTI leaders in connection with April 23 by-elections came to see the venue of their upcoming political gathering. Candidate of PTI Imran Ismail and other leaders visited Jinnah Ground of Azizabad and inspected the venue. Shortly after his arrival, MQM workers reached and started chanting slogans against the PTI leadership. Imran Ismail had to leave the venue after situation turned violent. Some MQM workers carrying bats smashed windowpanes of Imran Ismail’s vehicle. The clash soon turned violent as PTI leader’s car along with other vehicles were smashed. MQM workers also started gathering there and chanted loud slogans including ‘go Imran go’ which was reciprocated by PTI workers with pro-PTI slogans.

Latter while talking to media persons Imran Ismail said that PTI would not allow hooliganism in Karachi and his party would break the shackles of fear in Karachi. Ismail said that some of his workers were wounded in the clash and they were shifted to hospitals. PTI leader said he is not afraid of anything and that he will contest election at any cost. Meanwhile, MQM’s Haider Abbas Rizvi said Imran Ismail entered the premises Jinnah Ground without any resistance but some miscreants, who came along with him, started tearing off Altaf Hussain’s pictures and panaflexes.

Authorities came up with an idea to suspend Azizabad SHO over negligence but what about the maturity level of the political leaders. Both the conflicting parties claim they belong to the middle class and would work for the betterment of the masses but their acts are not reflecting the same. Politicians must be role models for others but it’s a dilemma in our society that politician have gone beyond blame game and are fighting on streets like two violent street groups.

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