MQM must dissociate itself from terrorists: Siraj

ISLAMABAD: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) must dissociate itself from terrorists if it plans to continue working as a political party, this was stated by Jamaat-e-Islami Ameer Sirajul Haq while talking to Sardar Khan Niazi in Roze News program Sachi Baat. Siraj said that MQM has been involved in murders and extortions and if it wants to continue as a political party it must disband its militant wing responsible for terrorism in Karachi. He said that the operation by Rangers at MQM headquarters and the presence of convicted criminals and NATO weapons have proved what everyone knew for a long time. He said that there is a limit to cruelty and MQM has crossed it. The JI Ameer said that many of his party workers have been killed in Karachi by MQM, he added that even the leaders of Pakistan Peoples Party admit that MQM is responsible for killing its workers yet they don’t bring it to light in order to save their Government in Sindh.

Siraj was also critical of the propaganda against Madrassah’s, he said that no one from Madrassah’s has been caught with NATO weapons, no from a Madrassah was responsible for the Baldia factory fire in Karachi. Siraj said that more than three-million students are currently studying in Madrassah’s and blaming them for terrorism is condemnable, he added that criminal elements should be punished but the entire system should not be blamed.

Siraj also said that he wants all parties to conduct elections within the party and strongly criticized the culture of family politics citing that due to this culture the party heads are selected from the same party. He said he will make every effort possible to force political parties to conduct internal elections.

Talking about rights of women he said that the election commission should make it mandatory for all MNA’s/MPA’s to submit a certificate that they will give the due rights of their daughters, mothers and sisters in the family assets. He said that this step will help ensuring the division of land which will lead to more productivity, hence benefiting the country.

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