MQM decides to part its way with Sindh govt

KARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) on Sunday announced its decision to dissociate itself from the ruling coalition of Sindh province, saying there won’t by any compromise when its leader Altaf Hussain is subjected to an ‘unwarranted’ criticism.

Addressing a press conference here, Deputy Convener MQM Rabitta Committee, Khalid Maqbool said no worker of MQM would be ready for any compromise when it comes to its Quaid’s honour.

He said the party had converted into Muttahida from Mohajir Qaumi Movement before 1997. “But, this does not mean we will tolerate it when a Mohajir is called names.”

“And after the Bilawal Bhutto’s yesterday’s speech, now there is no reason left for us to continue working with the PPP government.”

“Bilawal Bhutto also made Altaf Hussain a target of an uncalled for criticism on Eidul Azha, saying ‘I would make your life miserable’,” he quoted him as saying.

He said feudalism and democracy cannot go hand-in-hand. “Feudalism can never promote education or dispensation of justice.”

“MQM will never backtrack on its demand for the formation of new provinces in the country,” he said.

Later, taking a dig at Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Khalid Maqbool alleged that the young Chairman of PPP has turned politics into a business.

“We ask Bilawal Zardari on what basis he has become the Chairman of People’s Party,” he said, adding, if Bilawal speaks of inheritance, even then a true heir of a Bhutto can only be a Bhutto and not a Zardari.


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