MPs demand ban on sit-ins in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD, Sept 19 (NNI): Members of the parliament on Friday demanded a complete ban on the holding of sit-ins or protests in the federal capital.

Taking part in the debate, they said the PTI and PAT protests have disrupted life in Islamabad and dozens of schools at the venue and surrounding areas of the protests are closed.

Sher Akbar Khan said the sit-ins of Pakistan Tehreek-e Insaaf and Awami Tehreek have caused irreparable loss to the economy of the country.

He said the present assemblies should complete their mandated term and focus on the issues faced by the common man.

He said electoral reforms should be introduced so that nobody in future could raise finger on the results of elections.

He also appealed to the protesting leaders to show mercy on the nation and end their sit-ins.

Senator Shahi Syed said those staging sit-ins on the constitution avenue are committing mutiny against the state.

He said the protesting parties are maligning the institutions including the parliament under a well planned conspiracy.

He, however said that all the political parties deserve appreciation for standing together for protection of democratic system.

He said Nawaz Sharif is an elected prime minister of one hundred and eighty million people and credit goes to him for launching operation against terrorists as well as taking concrete steps for revival of the economy.

Mohsin Leghari said local bodies’ elections should be conducted to devolve political and administrative powers to the people at grass roots level. This, he said, will strengthen the democratic system in true spirit.

Gulzar Khan said the political parties should continue to demonstrate unity in their ranks so that the anti democratic forces do not succeed in their designs. He said our effort should be to make them irrelevant and isolated.

He said Imran Khan is making hue and cry over rigging in 2013 elections but he did not take any notice of the rigging took place in his intra party polls in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. NNI

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