Mother forgives son for beating her over property dispute in Rawalpindi

July 30, 2020

RAWALPINDI : A woman, whose video of being beaten up badly by her son over a property dispute has gone viral, has forgiven the accused. The mother also announced to withdraw the case against him after she said that her son, Arsalan, and daughter-in-law have apologized to her over their behaviour. They have submitted an affidavit, Gulnaz Bibi said while announcing that she would not be pursuing a case against them. The entire issue came to light after Gulnaz Bibi’s daughter Zoobia Ameer posted a video on social media in which she detailed the incident and demanded justice for her and her mother. The mother later narrated the unfortunate incident and claimed that her daughter-in-law had intoxicated her son. In a video message, Gulnaz Bibi said that it was for the fifth time when she was attacked by her son, identified as Arsalan, and every time the situation had worsened when her daughter-in-law visits them. “I was tortured by my son on the encouragement of his wife and he later threw me out of the home last time,” said the pained mother in her statement as she claimed that around 30 people entered their home in the last attack including relatives of her daughter-in-law, who were also behind all this fuss. She said that they had registered an FIR with the police over the matter, however, no arrests have been made by them yet. The son later also confessed to his crime and expressed shame and regret over the act after he was arrested and probed over the matter.

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