Moss walls could “eat” Hong Kong air pollution

A vertical wall of green moss could help Hong Kong deal with its pollution problem, according to the German start-up behind the scheme.

“Air pollution costs Hong Kong billions of dollars in economic losses each year, and the current solutions to it are quite indirect,” Denes Honus, chief of Green City Solutions, was quoted as saying by the South China Morning Post.

Air quality in Hong Kong has often fallen below recommended levels, with the government saying the biggest problems are street-level pollution and regional smog.

The German filtration system consists of a four-metre square wall containing 1,700 blocks of moss each about the size of a human hand.

One unit has the air purification capacity of 250 trees, Honus was quoted as saying.

The system filters out particulate pollution, the main contributor to smog, and absorbs nitrogen oxides, which contribute to the greenhouse effect, according to the report.

The Hong Kong government has said that roadside pollution levels should soon start to decrease following an action plan released in 2013 and the removal of the city’s most polluting vehicles.

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