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Monsoon rains, Irrigation Dept warns of flood in Indus & Chenab

ISLAMABAD: The Irrigation Department has issue flood warning in different rives due to heavy rainfall in parts of country.

Heavy downpours in different cities reduced the intensity of hot weather, yet it led to the danger of floods as water level rose in most of the rivers especially in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP).

According to the Irrigation Department, mid-level flood is being observed in River Kabul at Udezai, Warsak, Kalyani and Baghdada.

A low-level flood is being witnessed in River Swat at Tarbela, while similar situation is being observed at Sardyab and Shah Alam in Peshawar.

However, the water level is at normal at Sukkur Barrage in River Indus, where from it will reach Guddu transforming into a minor flood.

The Irrigation Department said that River Chenab is flowing normally alongside Gujranwala, yet it issued flood warning for River Indus and Chenab.


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