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Monsoon preparation

The twin cities received the first rain of the monsoon season on Tuesday. The 80mm downpour washed away all the claims of the Provincial Government relating to precautionary measures in anticipation of the monsoon season. 12 people died in various rain related incidents in Islamabad and Rawalpindi and dozens others were injured. Water entered many houses situated close to the Nulleh Leh, a flood warning was also issued in anticipation of possible flood however the water subsided as rain stopped.

The 50 billion Rawalpindi-Islamabad Metro Bus project which was inaugurated  by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and has been hailed as a big achievement of the ruling Government failed in its first real test. Many stations of the Metro bus project were submerged in water and commuters were unable to get in. The worst affected stations in Islamabad were the Peshawar Mor station, PIMS station and the 7th Avenue station. Rain water also entered the Peshawar Mor market due to the newly constructed metro track. The passport office located near Peshawar Mor which is usually safe in rain was also submerged by rain water.

The flooding of various stations and markets which are previously safe from rain water raises some serious questions regarding the planning and execution of the project. Another massive flaw in the project seems to be the seeping of rain water in the elevated track in Rawalpindi which could prove to be very dangerous.  The Punjab government took notice of the situation and ordered the local management to utilize all resources to remove the rainwater from low-lying areas. However these steps should be taken in advance rather than after the damage is done. The Government needs to implement a fool-proof plan to counter the threat posed by the monsoon rains; otherwise as things stand the rains could wreak havoc.

The rain in twin cities exposed the quality of the 50 billion Rawalpindi-Islamabad Metro Bus Project. 

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