Modi’s UK visit: British Parliamentarians demand PM Cameron to raise Kashmir issue

LONDON: The British Parliamentarians on Thursday written a letter to Prime Minister David Cameron demanding him to raise Kashmir dispute during his talks with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

As many as 30 members of parliament signed the letter demanding the British PM to raiseKashmir issue during Indian PM Modi’s visit.

Six points have been raised in the letter, in which they stated that the Indian forces should be recalled from Indian-held Kashmir (IHK) and human rights violation issue in the valley should be raised.

In the letter, they further stated that the Indian PM should be pressurized for release of thousands of detained innocent Kashmiris.

The British parliamentarians have also demanded the investigation into the killings of innocent Kashmiris.

Meanwhile  UK academics researching development in India, expressed deep concern over Narendra Modi’s official visit to the UK. In a letter in Guardian newspapers they said since Modi came to power in 2014, minorities and women have experienced rising intolerance and intimidation and cultural and academic freedoms have been eroded.

They said under Modi’s rule, inflammatory hate speech and violent acts against Christian and Muslim minorities have steadily increased. Mr Modi’s silence and delayed response to all these crimes does nothing to stem the violence.

“We support the recent statements by eminent scientists, academics, artists and writers inIndia who seek to draw attention to growing intolerance in India. In the past year, various freedoms have been attacked, including what people may think, eat, wear and whom they choose to love. Three secular critics have been brutally murdered and these crimes are linked to extreme rightwing groups” the academics asserted.


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