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Modi admits India carried out no surgical strike

NEW DELHI: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday admitted that no surgical strike has been carried out in any country.

In an indirect reference towards claim of surgical strike in Pakistan’s territory, he said India has never attacked any country, nor does it want anyone’s territory.

This statement has contradicted Indian Army’s claim of surgical strike inside Pakistan.

‘India has not attacked anyone. It is neither hungry for any territory. But in the two World Wars, 0.15 million Indian soldiers had laid down their lives fighting for others,’ the prime minister said at a ceremony in New Delhi, Indian news agency Press Trust of India reported.

Modi said the Indian diaspora did not believe in indulging in politics of grabbing power abroad.

Pakistan had already rejected claims of any surgical strike carried out by India. While, Indian Army has recently claimed of surgical strike inside Pakistan boundary; however the state failed to provide any evidence in this regard.

The government of India had convened an All-Parties Conference to take the opposition parties into confidence over the strikes. However, they were left disappointed when no evidence was presented about the circumstances in which the strikes took places, and or whether they were provoked from across the border.

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