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Modernization in youth of Pakistan

Saifullah khan


World is transforming day by day. Technologies are getting advanced. People are getting moderate in their life style in terms of their thinking, socialization, education, sense of clothing, food, travelling, houses, gadgets, accessories and living standards. Modernization has transformed world into a global village. Until now there is one aspect that cannot be depicted or portrayed about its effects on human race. Now sensing the living standard of Pakistan nation, most of the people are middle class and average earners. People are eager to wear branded clothes, listen to illusion music, and stay in touch with each other through social media. People exchange their social, political, educational, personal experiences and the situation of world through one device. Is Pakistan getting affected by the bad effects of modernization?  People are forgetting their religion, ideology, culture, language, and their reason to be on earth. Our religion taught us to respect everyone but we forgot to respect our women. Youth is committing spiritual, social, and cultural crimes. We portray females on different products to attract the customers. I wonder how our conscience allows us to come up with such explicit ideas about the gender that must be respected the most. Our elite class and educated youth are getting addicted to social media, the foul websites, and different kinds of drugs. Anxiety and depression rates are getting higher. Intolerance is becoming a norm. We have forgotten to respect, love and support others. Entertainment media is hallucinating the people. Sad to say people are not getting good effects of modernization, most of the people construct false ideas in their brains. Future leaders of our nation have forgotten our ideology and the purpose of our nation and nationalism. It is duty of our young blood to talk about the different situations and problems that we are facing in our nation for which our ancestors have sacrificed but Instead of getting awareness to their basic needs and political rights there is no room for us to think because of negative effects. Entertainment is good but Instead of taking good healthy knowledge and icons who transform the society into heaven as role models young blood is taking singers, fashion designers, actors as their role models. It is an alarming situation that we think by adapting this type of modernization we are stepping into future but don’t know where we stand and our society is being manipulated by different culture, race, and ideas of different societies. Our society is going to be a victim of cultural illusion. We are a proud nation we must understand that are we gaining grip on our religion, culture, ideology, fair and positive thinking or we are getting distracted by the bad effects of modernization. People should get benefits of modernization but we are paying big cost.

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