Mockery of justice

Bangladesh hanged leader of Jamaat-e-Islami, Motiur Rahman Nizami, on Wednesday over charges of genocide and other crimes committed during the 1971 war.

Recently Bangladesh has awarded death penalty to number of leaders of the same political party, many termed the act as settling political rivalry by the incumbent government of the country. All over the world this act of Bangladesh is being considered as mockery of justice.

Proceedings of the Crime Tribunal set up by Bangladesh in 2009 are being condemned globally. Major newspapers of the world termed the decision of tribunal as a political tool of the government to target the leaders of other political parties. Jamaat-e-Islami is one of the major opposition parties of the country and incumbent prime minister and leader of Awami League Party, Sheikh Hasina is using all the powers to stifle opposition.

If government engages in the politics of revenge by using the state machinery, it loses the moral authority to rule over the country. It is indeed abuse of power to crush political opponents involving mock trials. Hasty decisions based on incomplete information have been taken over the events that took place 45 years before. It is absurd the way complicated issue is being used by the government to award death sentences to individuals through an inadequately trial. Crushing opposition seems the only purpose.

Bangladesh should not open the Pandora box of the secession of 1971. Moving ahead is the only wise course of action and scratching tragedies of past would only raise tension between Pakistan and Bangladesh.

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