Mobocracy overwhelming law of the land

Another incident of mobocracy has surfaced as people took the law into their own hands. Three dacoits have been burnt alive in Faisalabad by the mob. High ups of the police appreciated the mob for the gory incident. This was not the first time; we have witnessed numerous incidents when thieves and dacoits were killed by the mob.

Despite all efforts, using military operations to eradicate the growing extremism from the society, it seems the targeted objective would not be achieved until all the elements of the society would not contribute for making this nation a tolerant one. This incident is the prime example of mistrust of the masses on the police. People are of the view if they would hand over the dacoits to the police, dacoits would be released on the pretext of one or another. Police officials for cheering the killings of dacoits by the mob must be punished. They are promoting intolerance, what is the need of police if people have to settle their issues themselves and what remains the importance of the courts.

If the steps not taken to enhance the trust of the masses on the police, it would be hard to control the new culture of mobocracy. If the law makers and politicians in the corridors of parliament are motivated to amend the laws then brutal killing of dacoits should be enough such incidents for the stimulation to tighten the screws against violent mob. Although chances seem bleak that culprits would be brought to justice but grass rout level measures must be taken to put a full stop on mob terrorism. The mob, should be apprehended, tried and brought to justice for taking the reigns of law into their own hands. These self-appointed enforcers of the law should be made an example of.

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