Miseries of common man

Courtesy to the flaws in our political system, usually elites become successful to reach into the corridors of parliament. Due to their rich background, politicians keep focusing on the issues that suit them most and problems faced by the common people are considered not worthy to discuss. Not only the lawmakers but also the media talk shows are hesitant to put light in the miseries of the masses.

We are facing the worst state of affairs in health, education sector. Majority of the people do not have access to the clean drinking water. Air pollution, noise pollution, crises of gas shortage, electricity breakdown, non-availability of petrol (in recent times) are the some issues from the never ending list, that have made the lives of people miserable. Non-availability of proper food and health facilities are causing the deaths of innocent children. It is a sad fact that hundreds of innocent children died in Tharparkar due to insufficient food and other facilities. If this could have happened in some civilized country resignations of responsible politicians would have been on the table but in our society politicians keep blaming each other for the tragedy. Indeed blame game has become a salient feature of politics in our society.

Life of a common man has become very difficult in our society but politicians have turned the deaf ear to redress the grievances of the masses. It is alarming that our government lacks the human touch while shaping the policies. From provinces to the federation the government is addicted to think discuss and decide terms of political gains, political challenges and some strategic issues. Human and humanity have long been side-lined by the ruling elite of Pakistan. But politicians must understand is that politics in not theatric, it is a serious business and requires some statesman on the driving seat.

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