Miscalculations on the part of rulers: change is inevitable


The PTI has geared up its efforts to force PM Nawaz Sharif to submit resignation and announce holding of new elections. After successfully holding procession in Karachi and Lahore, Imran Khan is all set to hold another procession in Mianwali on Thursday and then in Multan on Oct, 10. While on the other side the sin-ins of PTI as well PAT continued in Islamabad. Both the protesting parties have made it clear to all and sundry that the sit-in would not be called off until achieving the desired results. PML-N and PPP’s leadership would have never thought even in their wildest dreams that PTI would appear as a major political force. No doubt Imran Khan has become a great national leader who took the stand on recounting of votes in four constituencies and then later diverted his movement to remove the incumbent government which he alleged came in to power through massive rigging in 2013 polls. He poses a great threat to the both PML-N and the PPP, which remained powered by playing friendly opposition rule in the Lower as well Upper House. PM Nawaz Sharif, CM Punjab and some of federal as well provincial ministers miscalculated the PTI’s strength and fell prey victims to its own ill-conceived policies. Had the government taken the earlier demand of Imran Khan for recounting of votes in four constituencies by announcing the constitution of judicial commission to probe into the alleged rigging charges, the situation could have much better for the PML-N government to deal with now. The non-seriousness on the part of the incumbent government has put the sitting rulers in deep blue water. It was nobody but the PM who couple of weeks ago directed his ministers not to deliver inflammatory speeches against the protesting parties in general and PTI in particular. But not only his ministers but also the nephew of Nawaz Sharif, Hamza Shahbaz warned the PTI not to underestimate the PML-N power and challenged him to hold procession in Lahore. PM also started accusing PTI as well PAT chief of working on ‘foreign agenda’ aimed at destablising the sitting government and causing huge loses to national economy thus adding fuel to the fire. Government after sensing the gravity of the situation, tried to tackle the crisis by involving parliamentary parties’ leaders to end the issue through talks. But to no vain as the efforts to resolve the crisis have now came to end as even the political jirga has put off their struggles to end the political impasse which is very much insight.

The parliamentary parties during the joint session assured their unanimous support to the incumbent government by terming the demands of the protesting parties’ unconstitutional especially seeking resignation of the PM. The PPP and other parliamentary parties’ support were mainly aimed at saving the democratic system. But the Prime Minister got it wrong and declared on the floor of the House that he would not succumb to the pressure of what he called “ a few thousands people” and would not resign under any circumstances.

Government from the beginning committed numerous mistakes by not fulfilling the promises it made to the people before the 2013 general elections. It is on record both Sharifs promised the masses to take to the task to the former president Asif Ali Zardari and other corrupt practicee for plundering the national kitty. Instead it started reviving the alliance with the PPP reminding CoD signed by the then PM Shahheed Benazir Bhutto. PM Nawaz Sharif committed a blunder by inviting PPP co chairperson at PM’s House and discussing political issue. It gave impetus to the opponent parties who started taking on the incumbent government. The Model Town tragedy was also a major setback for the incumbent government. Not listening to the demand of Imran Khan also damaged the PML-N’s credibility which is now very much at stake. The PM could have avoided the current crisis by handling the matter properly.

It appeared that rulers haven’t leant any lesson from its past mistakes. PM Nawaz Sharif should have availed the opportunity when he visited PTI’s chief house after he fell down from stage and received severe injuries. He should have assured Imran Khan that his genuine grievances would be removed.But the PM missed the golden opportunity. He should have invited Imran Khan instead orf Zardari at PM’s House to sort out differences. Rulers keep commiting blunders. They tried to corner the PAT chief Dr Qadri by totally ignoring the cause he was fighting for. The mishandling of Model Town carnage compelled the PAT chief to stage sit-ins in capital seeking removal of PM, CM, others, dissolution of assemblies and forming national government.

Now Imran Khan has really brought change as he had successfully aware the people of their democratic and constitutional rights and gave them courage to speak for themselves. The change is inevitable as it is evident from the overwhelming response of the masses in PTI’s sit-in and processions.

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