Ministry of W&P issues special instructions to DISCOS for Muharram

ISLAMABAD, Oct 24 (INP): The Ministry of Water and Power on Friday issued instructions to all electricity Distribution Companies (DISCOS) to make all necessary arrangements for holy month of Muharram-ul-Haram including ensuring maximum power supply for the Majalis and processions.

All the DISCOS have been asked to ensure safety of their installations on the various routes of processions and assign duties to the special teams for quick response in case of any requirement.

The DISCOS have also been instructed to maintain close liaison with district/local administration for better performance of the duties by their operational staff at the district/local levels.

The Ministry of Water and Power asked the distribution companies to provide all the required equipment and transportation facilities to the special team in order to enable them to undertake tasks affectively as and when required at any location in their respective jurisdiction.

All the CEOs of the distribution companies have been directed to ensure compliance of the instructions and send a report for readiness of the arrangements before the start of Muharram‑ul‑Haram.


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