Ministers urge PTI & PAT not to enter into Red Zone

ISLAMABAD (INP): Several Federal Ministers have called upon the leadership of Pakistan Tehreek-e- Insaaf and Awami Tehreek to withdraw their calls for entrance into the red zone and enter into negotiations to resolve the crisis.

Talking to the media persons at the Parliament House Tuesday Minister for Planning and Development Ahsan Iqbal said political and democratic forces are collectively engaged with the two protesting parties to find a political situation of the current situation.He said that the state institutions know well how to protest the constitution and the Parliament.

He said the Pakistan’s main problem is economy and said who ever is supporting the sit ins are not well wishers of the country. He appealed Imran Khan and Tahir ul Qadri for God’s sake not to play with the lives of women and children by making them a shield for their own designs.

He said appropriate security measures will also be taken for the security of the red zone in the wake of provocative calls given by the PTI and PAT. He said the parliament is not the property of a single party. It is a sovereign institution representing 180 million people of the country. Any attack on this sacred institution will be considered an attack on the constitution and democracy.

Ahsan Iqbal said the country is not being run by an NGO but the PML-N which is the most powerful political force of this country. A handful people cannot steal the mandate of the ruling party and its allies which have secured millions of votes.

He said the government is demonstrating utmost flexibility and patience and advising the same to its supporters who are perturbed over the situation created by a few thousand people.

Federal Minister for States and Frontier Region Abdul Qadir Baloch said the demand of PTI and Awami Tehreek for resignation of the prime minister is unconstitutional.

The Minister said the prime minister has given full authority to the negotiating team to go to any extent for amicable solution of the current crisis. He however made it clear that no compromise will be made on the constitution and democracy.

Federal Minister and JUI (F) leader Akram Durrani said the Prime Minister will not resign in any case. He said the government has shown its broadminded ness but it is left with no option as the protesting leaders have refused to negotiate.

Railways Minister Saad Rafiq said they tried to engage PTI and PAT but they are not ready to receive the negotiating teams. He said he spoke to Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Arif Ali and Asad Umer asking them to come for negotiations and their demand under the constitution wold be addressed. He said the attack on Parliament andPM house will not resolve people’s problems. He said the entire political leader is on same page to preserve constitution, parliament and democracy but the PTI and PAT are playing with the destiny of the country. He said how they would control thousand of people with remote if they enter the Red Zone. He pleaded them not to put the lives of workers and police at stake and enter into negotiations.

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