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Mingora city without power for three days

MINGORA: Several parts of Mingora city, including its suburbs like Banr, Tahirabad, Yakh Koyai and Ingarodherai etc. are without electricity since the last three days.

Power supply to these areas discontinued, when the partial flood in Mingora stream by the recent heavy rains flooded away some electric poles, snapping the lived cables, effecting grid stations and electricity distributing feeders to these localities.

The discontinuation of electricity supply to the localities has created a lot of problems for the people of the areas. They have to go through without electricity for various needs, even in this age in which one cannot think of living devoid power being a basic need.

The people of the areas have no water supplied to them from the tube wells for home consumption due to the problem. “As a result they have to use contaminated water from far off places, which is not suitable for drinking”, says a resident of Banr, Hussain Iqbal.

Besides, they had to perform the Friday prayer without proper cleanliness i.e. bathing and had to face the problem of ironing the cloths, especially those of the school going children, he added.

Hazrat Ali, a resident of Ingaro Dherai, stated that he is a regular user of computer. “Since there is no electricity in his area for the last three days, he is feeling much bored”, he adds.

He further stated that he has to charge his mobile in Mingora city, for which he has to go to the city over a kilometer on foot and has to wait for the mobile to be charged.

Pervaiz, a rings seller in Mingora city was also annoyed with the WAPDA authorities for increasing their problems by untimely work and demanded the government either to shift the electric posts from the stream side or make some other alternative so that they might not have to face the power problems for days. DNA

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