‘Millions of kids die while rulers get their cough treated abroad’

inp 27-88You want potable water or metro bus, asks Imran

Khan calls tigers for decisive decision on 30th 



The federal government has decided to raise a fortress of containers around the Red Zone Thursday to prevent PTI ‘tsunami’ from entering Islamabad on Nov 30.
Various roads leading to the Red Zone would be sealed late on Friday to guards various state buildings including the Parliament House, Supreme Court and Prime Minister Secretariat and Diplomatic Enclave against possible violence during the rally.
All entry and exit points of the city will also be sealed on Nov 28 midnight, with deployment of several thousand police personnel, sources said.
Imran Khan has called his ‘tigers’ to gather in Islamabad for a ‘decisive’ showdown .
Agencies adds: Imran Khan while addressing the National Health Conference in Lahore said developed countries invested in education and health sector.

Khan stated that millions of children in Pakistan die due to contaminated water while the rulers get their cough treated from abroad.

He questioned what is more important for the country; clean water or metro bus?

He said he changed after building Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital adding that it made him realize the pain of the masses while common men contributed more than rich ones.

“Sports taught me that a man loses when he accepts the defeat” said PTI chairman.

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