Mid-term polls: PML-N failed learning lesion from past

Masses voted to power both the PML-N and PPP to power on the basis of parties’ manifesto and the promises made to common man. But reviewing the performances of both PPP and PMKL-N,it has been witnessed that both parties failed to fulfill most of the promises made before coming to power. Nepotism, inflation, unemployment, access to speedy, cheap justice, corruption and worsening law and order situation across the country not only caused huge loses to national economy but disappointed to the common man to that extent that they have lost faith in the system. The previous PPP’s government led by Asif Ali Zardri utilized national resources to “reward” his friends and party workers and even appointed heads of government institutions. Most of “Blued eye” and Jialays do not even have any experience to run the affairs. The appointments of inexperienced, wrong persons at the right job, not only resulted into destruction of the state institutions but also provided golden chance to his cronies for pocketing tax-payers hard-earned money. In the beginning PML-N party rendered every ‘possible’ support to then President Asif Ali Zardri and keeps singing to follow the Charter of Democracy signed by Benazir Bhutto. After sensing the general public rising frustration against the involvement of Zardri,then PM Yousuf Raza Gilani followed by his successor Raja Pervaiz Ashraf and other jialas of the PPP, PML-N leadership started a well-planned strategy to topple the PPP government. PM Nawaz Sharif before and after the announcement of the 2013 polls, took very hard stance against the PPP government and promised to hang its leadership if he had to for bringing back the looted money back from Swiss Bank. His brother, Shahbaz Sharif even being Chief Minister Punjab,started exposing the misdeeds of the PPP government and refused to accept Zardari as President.

But after becoming Prime Minister for the third time, it appeared that Nawaz Sharif in particular and rest of his party members including CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif and most of the federal as well provincial ministers generally failed to learn lesson from the mistakes they committed in the past.PML-N emerged as major party in 2013 general elections that won the polls with ‘heavy mandate’. PM Nawaz Sharif made various promises with the masses. Holding ruthless and across the board accountability of PPP and those involved in corruptions, were the most compelling promise that persuaded the general public to cast vote in PML-N’s favour. The PML-N government retreated to its very stance i.e. to take to the task to PPP’s leadership for plundering the national kitty and rewarding jialas by appointing them against the merit whose misdeed brought the country’s economy on the verge of collapse. Pakistan was about to be declared as failed state due to corruption, nepotism and worsening law and order situation in the country.PM tried to take the PPP’s leadership to the task but diverted his attentions to some other issues due to reason best known to him.

The so-called “Huge Mandated” as still being claimed by the PML-N government become disputed before he assumed the charge of PM for the third time.The PPP was the first party who termed the 2013 polls as ‘ROs polls” but accepted the mandate for the sake of democracy. PTI chief Imran Khan was the main politician who refused to accept the results and demanded of the government to open four constituencies on the stance that worst kind of rigging has been committed on those constituencies. He ran from pillar to post to get his genuine demand noticed but after receiving no response, he had been left with no option but to approach the masses. The government would have announced formation of commission to address the genuine grievances of the PTI but it opted to play a role of silence spectator arguing that it is the job of election commission to order probe into the rigging.

In the meantime, the law and order situation started from going bad to worst across the country. The target killing in Karachi, kidnapping for ransom, collection of bhutta and other crimes of heinous nature started to reemerge. Punjab was the worst hit. From a MPA to a local worker of the PML-N started abusing the power by instituting fake cases against their opponents. Police stations were raided by the ruling party activists in which police officials were subjected to worst kind of physical torture. The criminals were forcibly taken out of the police stations while the police bigwigs remained mum. Women were subjected to gang-ape rape by the influential. They were paraded naked in their own towns and villages but ironically Shahbaz Sharif and none of his cabinet member took any action.

The PML- N is in deep blue water due to its wrong policies. Instead of resolving issues through talks, PML-N making again same mistake by not listening the genuine demands which is definitely now paving way for holding mid term polls a PTI’ call which is now being supported by the parliamentary parties too.



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