Medical board carried out examination of jailed Captain (R) Safdar at PIMS

August 10, 2018

ISLAMABAD: PIMS five-member medical board on Friday completed the examination of son-in-law of ousted premier Nawaz Sharif, retired captain Mohammad Safdar.

A five-member medical board, led by Head of General Surgery Dr Tanvir Khaliq, has been formed conducted a detailed examination of Safdar. Other members include Assistant Professor of General Surgery Dr Atif Inam Shami, Assistant Professor Gastroenterology Dr Mashood, Assistant Professor of General Medicine, Dr Fibhaa Syed; and Assistant Professor of Radiology, Dr Mujahid Raza.

According to the doctors, Safdar’s sugar level is high while his stomach and other tests have been sent to laboratory. The medical board also reviewed reports of last day.

Doctors say that Safdar has not eaten the food sent from home and is only drinking water due to dried throat. Safdar underwent X-ray/ultraviolet (UV) and ultrasound along with tests of stomach, sugar and blood pressure.

Earlier on Thursday, Captain (R) Safdar was shifted to PIMS Hospital as his health continues to deteriorate in Adyala Jail.

Stern security arrangements have been placed in and around premises of PIMS hospital to avoid any untoward situation.

Safdar is suffering from stomach ulcers and doctors have performed two operations on his stomach. INP