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On Saturday Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif attended a meeting of Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors (CPNE), the Prime Minister while addressing the CPNE expressed his grievances with the media. He said that the media needs to be responsible and forget about ratings, sensationalism and business for at least two years and support the Government in implementing the National Action Plan (NAP) to help them resolve the issues the country is plagued with.

We would like to mention that Pakistan Group of Newspapers and Roze News has the honor of being the first media group to create and implement a complete code of conduct for the organization. The code of conduct implemented by Pakistan Group of Newspapers and Roze News is glowing example for every other media group in the country. The code of conduct lays emphasis on journalistic principles, sanctity of Islam, patriotism and rule of law. We believe in working within the boundaries of the law and aiding the state in fighting on every front. The media needs to back the Government to achieve its objective and Pakistan Group of Newspapers is doing just that.

The Prime Minister could have cited the example of Pakistan Group of Newspaper and Roze News, our code of conduct is exactly what the other media groups need to follow. The Government has finally woken up to the problem of unethical reporting and the race for ratings but our group realized this impending problem long time ago and created a code of conduct that ensures that the group serves the country and the Islamic principles to the best of its ability. We wholeheartedly accept all the laws that are enforced on the media by the constitution of Pakistan.

We hope that other groups will also follow our example, which is now a need of time. The Government should also ensure that all media groups in the country have a code of conduct on the lines of Pakistan Group of Newspapers.



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