Displaying Israeli Flag, currency and Zionist PM’s photo at IIUI highly condemned

baybak 2‘Varsity committed heinous crime, culprits must be punished’

Maulana Aziz, Senator Yaqoob, Shahid Latif condemn event, praise Roze News programme “Baibak” for exposing ugly event 


ISLAMABAD:  Asif Mehmood, host of Roze News programme ‘Baibak’ Thursday drew the attention of the participants about displaying of Israeli Flag, currency and photos of Israeli Prime Minister at a stall in International Islamic University (IIU). He said despite repeated contacts, the Varsity management refused to send their representative to clarify the factual position adding probably the IIU admin thinks they are not answerable to anybody.

Taking part in the debate, Maulana Abdul Aziz, Khateeb Lal Masjid said “People involved in introducing Israeli Culture must be awarded exemplary punishment so that in future nobody could dare to commit such ‘henious crime’ in future. He went on saying that the culprits must be sent behind the bar for promoting Israeli culture at the platform of IIU. He said our country’s system is not up to the mark, you talk about IIU, everything is being run as per Zionist’s order.” The people who have promoted Israeli culture are not loyal to Islam and must be put behind the bar otherwise such event would continue.

Sardar Yaqob Nasir, Senator, Senior Vice President, PML-N said, had the Senate session been not postponed; he would have raised the issue in the session today. He said whosoever involved in the matter must be taken to task. He said PML-N can not even think of having any relationship with the Zionist. He said I am grateful to Roze News for brining the matter in my knowledge besides exposing the ugly event before the masses. He assured that he would discuss the very mater with the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and assured the nation from Roze News programme ‘Baibak’ platform that we would not let the culprits go scot-free. “This is very shameful act which must be condemned, he maintained.

Air Marshal (Retd) Shahid Latif maintained Pakistan being an ideological country we can not allow anybody to promote Israeli culture and such practice would not be tolerated at any cost. He said IIU has own identity that reflects Pakistan’s vision and no one should be allowed to tarnish country’s image.

To a question, Hafiz Idrees, Nazim IIU replied the display of Israeli culture has sent a wave of great anger among the varsity students who have lodged strong protest against the unfortunate event.” IIU is our identity and we would not allow any quarter to tarnish IIU’s image”, he maintained. “As soon we heard the news, we lodged a strong protest that compelled the management to remove the stall immediately”, he claimed.

Hafiz Idrees held varsity management responsible for holding the event arguing that no such event can be arranged against the permission of the management. He also demanded severe punishment to the person/persons involved. It is worth mentioning here that despite repeated contacts by the ‘Baibak’ programme team and host Asif Mehmood, the IIU refused to send its representative on one or the other pretext.

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