Maroof International Hospital ‘incentive’ scandal: Dr. Ramesh Kumar takes notice of Patriot’s news

MaroofNumerous organizations to withdraw contracts with hospital

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ISLAMABAD: Member of National Assembly standing committee National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination member Dr. Ramesh Kumar Vankwani has taken notice of the news item published in The Patriot dated April 06, 2015 regarding the ‘incentive program’ of Islamabad’s Maroof International Hospital. Dr. Ramesh was provided the relevant documents by The Patriot and action is expected soon.

The administration of Maroof international hospital had announced a “special Incentive program” for its “physicians” to maximize the number of patients admitted to the inpatient department (IPD) through the emergency room (ER). Physicians admitting maximum number of patients through were offered a supplemental rupees 5000/- incentive. According to reliable sources, OGDCL Schlumberger, Adam Motors, PIA, Roots School system, Ufone and few other private organizations are considering to withdraw their contracts with Maroof International Hospital.

The news of the practice of admitting as many patients as possible has caused a huge uproar in the public circles, with citizens demanding strict action the hospital. People have lauded the efforts of daily the Patriot to unveil the immoral steps taken by the private hospital to loot the patients.

A doctor of a government hospital while talking to the scribe said that private hospitals have become a mafia and there is dire need to look into their unethical matters. He further said that in governmental hospitals doctors treat patients on merit but it was hard to believe that saviours of humanity in Maroof International Hospitals have become butchers and they are admitting patients unethically.

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