Man dies of Congo fever in Zhob, two others detected with virus

ZHOB, Aug 10 (INP): Another man died of Congo fever while two others were detected with the virus here on Sunday.

Five persons hailing from Meena Bazaar locality of Zhob were found affected with Congo virus. One of the affectees hailing from the village had died a couple of days ago while Abdullah Jan expired in a hospital on Sunday.

A Congo fever patient has recovered while other was referred to Quetta from CMH Zhob due to critical condition.

The people hailing from different areas of the district have criticized the one year performance of international organization working for prevention of Crimean–Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF) in Zhob.

They alleged that the officials of the organization were limited receiving their salaries and privileges and they did nothing to create awareness among the general public about CCHF.

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