Malik says mighty ‘egos’ stalling ‘consensus’

ISLAMABAD: PTI suave leader, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Saturday invited the speaker of the house to watch with his own eyes the massive turnout at his party’s anti-government sit-in.

“Mr speaker, you said only a few hundred frequent PTI protest camp. Please come down here to get wowed by a sea of bobbing heads, waving flags, and deafening chants.”, said Qureshi talking to protestors in D-Chowk.

“Go home, lest September dismembers your ill-gotten empire”,, Qureshi said admonishing the sitting premier, whose resignation is the top demand of his party.

Meanwhile, Senator Rehman Malik has said ’ego trips’ were taking a toll on their efforts to broker consensus between the government and the protesting parties.

“I appeal to PTI, PAT, and the government leaders to leave their egotism behind and take the country ahead from this point. Agencies

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