Major terror bid foiled in Khyber Agency, explosive laden car seized

BARA, Oct 24 (INP): The security forces on Friday foiled a major terror bid by seizing a car containing a huge cache of explosive material from Landi Kotal Bazaar in Khyber Agency.

According to security officials, 250 kilograms of explosives were planted inside a vehicle and it appeared that the car was going to be used in carrying out a major attack in Landi Kotal Bazaar. An attack of the scale would have caused extensive damage and huge loss of life.

After the explosive-laden vehicle was seized, security forces launched a search operation in order to clear the area.

Officials said the recent wave of violence in the region appears to be a blowback of Operation Khyber-1.

Intensifying their efforts to counter militants in Khyber Agency, security forces had launched the operation in the region earlier this month.


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