Look China policy

Once again our media has given extraordinary coverage to the visit of US President to India and less to the very vital strategic visit of our COAS to China.

Media was more concerned to tell the masses that what dishes were served to Obama, who made tea for him and what sort of traditional wear ‘sarries’ to be presented to his wife Michelle. In reality, if Obama goes to India, that is India’s business; when he visits Pakistan, that should be Pakistan’s bilateral matter. There is no point to give unprecedented coverage to Obama when he is not to visit Pakistan during this tour of the region.

It is a fact that potential of the Indian economy as the emerging international market has become vital for the US. The US is looking forward to strength its economy through the sale of weapons and information technology goods to India. The US also considers India a possible counterweight to China in the region.

Although US has praised India’s role in Afghanistan’s stability but it seems Washington is also well aware with the strategic importance of Pakistan considering the post US withdrawal in Afghanistan. Therefore, US aid programme has not been discontinued for Pakistan despite hostile opposition from Congress. United States has assured Pakistan that TTP Chief Mullah Fazlullah would either be arrested or killed in Afghanistan, adding that in case of an arrest he would be subsequently handed over to Pakistan.

We believe that COAS General Raheel Sharif’s visit to China has opened new doors of cooperation between the two countries and it deserved to be given tremendous coverage by media organizations. Meng Jianzhu, member of Politburo, Communist Party’s second highest council termed China’s relationship with Pakistan ‘beyond individuals’ adding that ‘Pakistan’s concern is China’s concern’. During his meeting with COAS he said that Pakistan is China’s irreplaceable all weather friend and both countries are part of community of shared destiny.

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