LoC violation: Two Rangers personnel succumb to injuries

IndianSHAKARGARH:  Two Rangers personnel Naik Riaz Shakar and Lance Naik Safdar embraced martyrdom as Indian Border Security Force (BSF) on Wednesday violated the Line of Control (LoC) aiming shots at the officers in Shakargarh Sector.

According to the Pakistan Rangers spokesperson, BSF local commander called them over for a flag meeting and opened fire as two of the soldiers reached the border.

Ranger’s representative also told that BSF were not even allowing them to get the injured officers back from the border. Both the officers died succumbed to the injuries.

Indian forces resorted to unprovoked firing and shelling while targeting Bhoore Chak and Sambrial check posts.

Chenab Rangers befittingly retaliated to the Indian offences.

Indian forces had resorted to unprovoked offences in October and November targeting various check posts, local residents and cattle.

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