LOC ceasefire violations

The frequent violations of ceasefire and unprovoked firing of mortal shells at the innocent citizens by Indian troops have created a fearsome atmosphere for the people of different villages of Sabin, oil Panjni, Bai Dhar and Tahir Joiaan, which are quit adjacent to working boundary .The internal shillings and merciless killings seem very common and have turned the life style in the aforementioned villages difficult and precarious. Further, alarmed by intensified shillings of Indian troops and stigmatized by Pakistani government the helpless and helpless villagers, residing near working boundary unwillingly prefer to evacuate from their beloved indigenous areas to safer areas finding it the only option left around. It has been reported that eight have been killed and 56 lift severely injured during the recent ceasefire violations. The ongoing atrocity of Indian solders across working boundary seems not declining as earlier on Monday three more people including a woman were shot dead and many suffered from serious injuries and were hospitalized. Indian troops across working boundary have been carrying out various inhuman practices: firing at the congregations of funeral prayers, selling at the sleeping villagers and restraining children from going to school are some of noticeable examples.

The mere silence of UN over the overt barbarity of Indian troops in AJK and IK is very questionable. The bellicose CM of India, Narendra Modi should think of tackling Kashmir issue a new and in a non violent manner, keeping in mind that cruelty has never been the sound solution to any problem.

Abdul Whab
Kech Absor

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