Loadshedding major hurdle in security of educational institutions

RAWALPINDI, Jan 13 (INP): All Pakistan Private Schools Management Association has said that frequent load shedding is the major hurdle in making full proof security arrangements for the educational institutions.

Divisional President of the Association, Ibrar Ahmad Khan talking to the heads of private institutions said that loadshedding is being carried out after every hour and in this situation, it is not possible for the management of the private institutions to keep functional their CCTV cameras and other equipment. He said the UPS does not get recharged during one hour of availability of electricity.

He said the government has left the private institutions high and dry as far as security is concerned and they are being pressurized to make arrangements according to the guidelines given by it while on the other hand the security of government run institutions has become a question mark.

Ibrar Ahmad Khan appealed the Punjab Government to persuade the IESCO not to resort to load shedding for educational institutions during the school hours.


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