Lifting ban on capital punishment need of the hour

The entire national observed Youm-e- Ashur with great zeal and enthusiasm across the country. The strategy devised by the law enforcement agencies in maintaining law and order situation and thwart any untoward incident and the cooperation rendered by people from all walks of life played an important role to keep the sanctity of Youm-e-Ashur intact was really praiseworthy. From a common man to ulemas from all sects played major role in promoting religious harmony due to which all the processions ended up peacefully. Not a single incident of terrorism took place. The unity, patience and unprecedented cooperation as well coordination among the people and law enforcement agencies foiled the nefarious designs of the anti state elements. There were serious threats from the terrorists on Youm-e-Ashur but due to effect security mechanism and unprecedented help of the people from all walks of life, the terrorists failed to carryout attack on the processions. There are only handful cowards, inhuman terrorists who under the garb of religion are pitching people against each other. The masses by forging unity, among their ranks rank stood shoulder to shoulder with the armed forces, law enforcement agencies and police personnel in maintaining law and order. The anti state elements that are on the run due to operation Zarbe-Azab, Khyber Agency somehow managed to breach the security and shifted their anti state activities in almost every major cities, district of Pakistan. They are ought there to cause as much damage as they can to the security agencies and not even sparing the innocent masses who have nothing to do with these cowards, ruthless enemies. The terrorists are carrying their activities at their will without fearing law of the land. Until now nearly 3500 terrorists have been awarded death sentence but due to ban on capital punishment, these self-confess killers are languishing in the jails at the cost of taxpayers’ hard-earned money. These condemned prisoners are issuing orders from jails to their subordinates against launching attacks on state institutions, security forces and not even sparing the innocent people including elderly men, women and children.

The use of cell phones in the jails in not hidden to anybody, as most of the time the authorities have recovered lots of cell phones from the possessions of the prisoners. This shows the corruption and criminal lethargic attitude of those sitting on the helm of affairs. Each and every government on federal as well provincial level failed to curb the very menace of use of cell phones, supply of weapons from almost every jail across the country. Billions of rupees had been spent and are still being spent on the security of VVIP, VIP personnel, renovation or reconstruction of old, new assembly buildings, government offices and processions. But not a single penny has been used to end the suffering of the masses when it comes to providing cheap and easy justice to them. They have to run from pillar to post to seek justice. One can not even get registered an FIR against any injustice meted out to him or her. Nearly 170 people either committed suicide or killed their loved ones after failing to get justice. The sitting government failed to lift ban on capital punishment which was imposed by the PPP’s led government. The ban on capital punishment encouraged the terrorists to take the lives of innocent people without fearing of getting caught. If one involved killing innocent people, he knows very well that he would escape the gallows due to ban on capital punishment. Though Justice Baqir who narrowly escape attempt on his life last year strongly recommended lifting ban on capital punishment but his request was not honoured.

The human rights activists every now and then make hue and cry pressuring the government to end capital punishment terming it inhuman act. What about those who have lost their loved ones in terrorists acts? Their families are living below the poverty line as most of the victims were the sole responsible of earning bread and butter for their family. The human rights activists never bothered to visit those families to see the miserable lives the victims’ family is forced to live.

The sitting government has to review the entire situation with utmost care and lift the ban on capital punishment. This would send a strong message to those anti state elements that they can not escape from the gallows. Provincial, National Assembly and the Senate needs to lift ban on capital punishment in order to save precious lives. It is matter of great concern too that not a single action had been taking against those who were caught red handed providing cell phone, even weapons to condemned prisoners by accepting bribes. These officials are as guilty as the murderers, terrorists as they are aiding and abetting those criminals whose very job is to kill people as per their masters’ wishes.

The ruling party must take the bold step and order implementation of capital punishment.



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