LHC directs govt to file reply in light of Nawaz Sharif’s medical reports

LAHORE: The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Monday directed the government to furnish comments in light of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s medical reports. A bench of the high court was hearing a petition moved by the PML-N supreme leader who was granted four-week permission to travel to London for medical treatment without furnishing an indemnity bond.
Over the course of the hearing, the LHC bench recalled the former premier was allowed to go abroad for four weeks on the condition that he will return home after he is out and about. The court asked the government to go through his medical reports and inform the judges about its standpoint.
A state counsel contended Nawaz Sharif should have moved a fresh plea if he intends to prolong his London stay. At this, the bench remarked the government could file a petition for bringing him back. The court quoted the ex-premier’s lawyers as saying that he is not yet fit enough to travel back to the country. The bench directed the government to decide whether it wants to file a petition for return of Nawaz Sharif or not after going through his medical reports.
Last week, the reports prepared by cardiac consultant Surgeon David Lawrence were submitted to the LHC. “Nawaz Sharif’s condition was not stabilized yet. He requires surgery, which could not be conducted till improvement in his health condition,” reports said.
The reports submitted in the high court, comprise of various medical tests held on December 19, Dec 23 and January 13. These report also recommend Nawaz Sharif’s stay in UK till his full recovery from the health problems. The PML-N leader is suffering from hypertension, sugar and kidney ailments. The doctors are taking steps to maintain his blood platelets count, according to the report. He should undergo the procedure of angiography forthwith, reports recommend. NNI
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