LG recognized at 2014 Red Dot awards for intuitive user experience

ISLAMABAD(PR): LG Electronics (LG) took home a total of nine Red Dot Awards in the Communication Design category. Among these, Smart Keyboard, Knock CodeTM and the graphic user interface (GUI) in the acclaimed LG G3 smartphone received “Best of the Best” awards. LG’s innovative webOS Smart+ TV platform was also recognized by the Red Dot judges for its new approach to smart TVs with an intuitive user interface that made for a viewing experience that is both seamless and refreshingly uncomplicated.

The internationally respected Red Dot Awards comprises three categories – Communication Design, Product Design and Design Concept. With 7,096 entries from 49 countries in the Communication Design category alone, the Red Dot Awards is one of the three most important competitions in the design industry, alongside iF Design Award and IDEA (International Design Excellence Award).

LG’s Smart Keyboard was introduced to the world on the LG G3, a smartphone that was developed under the Simple is the New Smart philosophy. In the same vein, Smart Keyboard helps to reduce input errors by as much as 75 percent. Through adaptive software that can analyze typing habits and predict word choices, Smart Keyboard makes typing faster and infinitely easier.

Knock Code™ was developed in response to consumer feedback that existing security systems on smartphones were cumbersome and time consuming. Knock Code™ lets LG smartphone owners wake and unlock their LG smartphones in one convenient step by employing a personalized series of taps instead of a password or nine-dot pattern. With more than 80,000 possible tap sequences to choose from, Knock Code™ is not only more secure, it’s more convenient.

“The Red Dot Design Awards for excellence in user interface carry a great deal of meaning for us because enhancing the user experience is how we create value for the customer,” said Dr. SkottAhn, LG’s Chief Technology Officer.

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