Law and order situation and role of provincial govt

The raids conducted by the Sindh Rangers at MQM office late Wednesday’s night and arrest of 21 party workershas spread a wave of anger among the activists and created a state of panic in Karachi which is already in the grip of violent crimes. According to the statement issued by the Sindh Rangers spokesman, it was said that raid was not planned and it was conducted after the rangers who were patrolling the area were fired upon. So far eight activists have been released while rests of the 13 party activists are being interrogated. The rangers have also made it clear that they would not succumb to any pressure and would not release the detainees if find involved in the attack. While MQM leader Faisal Sabzwari claimed that he was mistreated by the security personnel. He said he introduced himself but was not even allowed to meet the incharge of the rangers busy in supervising the raid. The party has accused the Sindh government in particular for victimization of its activists.Altaf Hussain. MQM chief visibly angered upon the raid, called COAS Raheel Sharif to launch investigations against the black sheep, claiming that extra- judicial killing of MQM workers continued unabated. He alleged that Muhajirs are being pushed to the wall and rangers force is active against the MQM. He went extra miles by saying that it is not the military’s job to break the parties. He said the military should be pulled back from politics arguing that he backs the military but will not support the misdeeds. He said that the MQM has always backed the military in difficult times, alighted lamps for martyred soldiers and organized a million marches in support of the military. The MQM is staging protest rallies and sit-ins in Karachi due to which all sorts of routine activities have come to halt.

MQM being part of PPP-ruled coalition government in Sindh also came hard on the provincial government for subjecting its activists to worst kind of state terrorism. Ironically, the Chief Minister Sindh appeared to be unaware of the development. But he has assured the coalition partner for launching inquiry with regard to the raid. The Federal government is also being blamed for pushing the MQM against the wall. The Governor Sindh made telephonic contacts with the DG Rangers, Federal Interior Minister Ch Nisar and apprised them of the situation. Though the Interior Minister has assured that a proper inquiry would be launched to unearth the facts and assured him that no innocent person would be punished. But MQM is not buying Ch Nisar’s stance. The party leaders are also accusing the federal government of double policy. They alleged that the activists of PTI and PAT and whosoever attacked the parliament building and PTV headquarters were not treated gently while the MQM workers, leaders who were busy in holding party session were subjected to brutal physical torture and taken away in the forces vehicles like animals.

The situation is very alarming as Rangers are being accused of conducting operation in Karachi against Muhajirs. Karachi operation was launched with the consensus of all political parties and MQM was very vocal with regard to the deteriorating law and order situation. The MQM chief was the first person who kept pressurizing the federal government to handover Karachi to army. The operation was aimed at purging the country’s financial hub from anti state elements, bhutta mafia, target killers and other anti social elements that had made the lives of the citizens nothing less than a misery. The federal government gave free hand to Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah and assured all out support in making the operation a success. But unfortunately, the Captain of the operation (CM Sindh) appeared to have some more priorities than bringing back normalcy in the metropolitan. Despite giving extra powers to Rangers, the Sindh government continued influencing the operation systematically. Shahid Hayyat, the former chief of police was successfully conducting the operation with the help of the rangers but unexpected removal from the post hurt the operation. Ex AIG a week from his sacking, during a press conference revealed that some political parties have armed wings and he had given those parties a specific time to handover the wanted person who according to him were hiding under the wings of those parties.

The federal government on various occasion advised the provincial government to gear up the operation to achieve the desired results. PM and Federal Interior Minister made numerous visits to see the progress of the Karachi operation. But unfortunately the provincial government, started criticizing the federal government of interfering into provincial matter. Now situation is very grave as rangers, being a para military force is being accused of launching operation against MQM. This is very dangerous trend and forces must not be blamed to such extent as it would only help the anti state forces to destablise the country.


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