LATI decries water shortage in Landhi Industrial area

KARACHI, Dec 6 (INP): Landhi Association of Trade and Industry has raised its serious concern over the acute water shortage in the industrial area and asked the Chief Minister to take immediate action to prevent the closure of the industries.

In a letter to the Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah, the Association said the water shortage is having severe effect on the industries.

It said Landhi Industrial zone is an export oriented sector and is a major employment provider to the city of Karachi. It is already struggling to remain competitive in the global market with rising costs. The daily shortage of water supply is now creating problem for the industries to meet their deadlines.

The letter pointed out that Landhi Industrial Area is one of the largest industrial areas of Karachi as well as Pakistan. It is also one of the higher exporters of Pakistan that adds huge share in the economy of Pakistan. The contribution of exports of all industries of Karachi including Landhi Industrial Area is 50% of total exports but the Association regretted that no one is taking care of their difficulties.

“It seems that we are being neglected totally. Thousands of laborers on daily wages are suffering on regular basis due to daily shutdown. We are being seriously hurt and affected due to acute shortage of water on daily basis for last many months. The industries in Landhi are being forced to either shift or shut down their operations” the letter said.


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