KPK slipping from PTI’s hands, warns PM

DI KHAN: Hitting hard at his political opponents, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Tuesday said his government will continue to implement the agenda of development despite opposition indulging in protests and sit ins.

Addressing a big public meeting here after inaugurating the DI Khan-Hakla motorway and Gas supply scheme for all the Tehsils of DI Khan, Nawaz Sharif questioned the PTI where is new Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa which the party had promised during last elections and is still talking of making new Pakistan. He said those who failed to make new KPK, how they will build a new Pakistan.

The Prime Minister who was looking satisfied over the repetition of support to his government by Maulana Fazlur Rehman said the PML-N and JUI(F) will build new KPK and said the province will go out of hand of PTI in 2018 general elections. He said the PML-N won the Peshawar bye elections while the PTI could manage only the 4th position and miserable failed which should be a lesson for the leadership because people have realized that the ruling party in the province was doing nothing for the uplift of the people. He said the PML-N and JUI(F) will succeed in the establishment of new partnership which will be long lasting.

He said while the Punjab government has built Metro buses routes in Islamabad, Lahore and Multan, the KPK government failed to launch such a project for the important city of Peshawar.

He emphasised the importance of DI Khan saying that it links the four provinces of Pakistan and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor will pass through the city making it a hub of economic activities. He said the 260 KM motorway project will change the destiny of the people. He assured to build a railway line for DI Khan and instructed the Civil Aviation Authority and PIA to take steps for starting international flights from the city.

Nawaz Sharif announced Rest 120 billion for Chashma Right Bank Canal that on completion will irrigate three lac acres of land. He said it is a project of far reaching importance and has directed for its completion in three months. He said the federal government will provide 65% percent of the CRBC while the KP government will have to release 35% of the cost.

He also announced establishment of Agriculture University in DI Khan, Rs 50 crore as development fund for DI Khan district and Rs 770 million for completion of gas supply schemes for all the Tehsils of DI Khan..

The Prime Minister said Rs 80 million will be provided in the next budget for feasibility study of Tank Sam dam while another feasibility study would be carried out to save the city from floods by constructing protective bunds.

He announced that the load shedding will end by 2018 and electricity would also be made cheap.

Maulana Fazlur Rehman, chief of JUI(F) in his address assured his party’s support to the Prime Minister and as aid a vast majority of people was backing him. He said we want peace, stability and strong democracy in Pakistan and the opposition should not go to the extent where democracy is under threat.

He said the Prime Minister accepted the demands of commission under Chief Justice of Pakistan and a parliamentary committee to investigate the Panama Leaks but PTI has been back tracking from its demands. He said the cat is now out of the bag as the PTI is being dictated from abroad. He questioned Imran Khan why he supported his Jew former brother in law against a Muslim of Pakistani origin in the London Lord Mayor elections.

The JUI(F) chief said the opposition is trying to run away because it not the Prime Minister but the opposition that have thieves in its ranks. He said Imran Khan had requested Nawaz Sharif for allotment of a plot in Lahore to build a house and how he has become such a rich that he established an off shore company.

He said he is supporting the Prime Minister for the cause of democracy. He said it was his dream to make DI Khan junction of international trade and the implementation of CPEC will play an important role in this connection.


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