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KPK governance becomes a family business?

Naya Pakistan or Khan’s Fiefdom?

Reham Khan: A defecto Chief Minister?

Asif Mehmood


ISLAMABAD: KPK government’s all sound and fury of good governance is becoming a whimper at an unprecedented fast pace, perhaps more fasters than the skipper’s bouncers threatening the batsmen decades back. This time not the batsmen but the goodwill of the party is at stake and being threatened by the KPK government. Planning and development department KPK has issued a notification dated Oct 27, 2015 that states as under : “ the competent authority is pleased to constitute Committee comprising of the following headed by the Chief Economist to discuss the progress of the special projects of the provincial government and recommend improvements ( if any) to Mr. Imran Khan and Mrs Reham Khan.” The notification is nothing but an addition to the sad state of affairs at KPK that has always been bandied about with abandon by the PTI media men. The question is: Under what provision of law the government functionaries are required to report the Khan Family? After all this is a democratic government and neither Mr Khan is a King nor Mrs khan a queen. The country is no one’s fiefdom and it should be run like a democratic government. Mr Khan has always been a critic of his political opponents but unfortunately KPK government is following the footsteps of the same political parties.

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